The Sefardic Way To Put On A Tallit

February 10, 2018

Praying in Her Language

For ancient Spanish women, Judaism takes on an almost mystical quality. Rich with sacred customs only known amongst Spanish communities, widely-spread religious superstitions, and religious observances that differ from other Sephardim, the world of the Jewish Spanish...

Republic of Nauru recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

The Republic of Nauru, a Pacific island country, has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

A boy from Ecuador is a bar mitzvah in Jerusalem

David Peretz, a young Jewish boy from Ecuador, immigrated to Israel with his family not long ago, dreaming of celebrating his bar-mitzvah with his family in Jerusalem. Last week, his dream came true, and the Peretz family enjoyed a beautiful and emotional event that...

Tiberias – Doña Gracia Hotel

Gracia Serrano Fenn Tours the Doña Gracia Hotel in Tiberias, Israel…

Ashkelon Post

Gracia Serrano Fenn Greets You From Ashkelon, IsraelGracia Serrano Fenn greets you from the Ashkelon Marina in Israel.  Over the next few weeks she will be reporting from Haifa, Tiberius and Jerusalem.  Watch for more reports!Thanks for Watching!

For Israel’s 70th Anniversary – Hatikvah (The Hope) Sung by Grace Serrano Fenn

Enjoy This Video of Hatikvah! It is Israel's 70th Birthday and Grace Serrano Fenn has just released this Video of Hatikvah (The Hope), Israel's National Anthem!  Enjoy and let us know what you think below...

Ballad of Doña Gracia Nasi

by Doña Gracia Serrano | Waiting for Return

Anousim Awake - An awakening giant is rising...

Click on Book to Order Now!

Anousim Awake! is the personal account of the revealed family Jewish identity of Gracia Serrano Fenn, a hidden Jewess who found out a “family secret” in 1999 in Israel. It is the Serrano family story of being raised with “no family past”, with no known true identity.

The prophet Obadiah, (Ovadia) expressed the Torah vision of return to Israel by their descendants, many centuries ago (Obadiah 10,21). His words in the Tanach (Jewish scriptures) continue to shed light to the very outskirts of the Diaspora to this select group of Hispanic-Jewish connection, now arising to their true identity and return… “Somos Judios — We are Jews”.


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