Happy Passover!



Chag Sameach Pesach!

We  are getting ready to celebrate our beautiful home Seder soon!  We are looking forward to sharing  this special season of our deliverance with family and friends.


Getting Ready To Celebrate Pesach!

Getting Ready To Celebrate Pesach!

And this day shall become a memorial for you, and you shall observe it as a festival for the L-RD, for your generations, as an eternal decree shall you observe it. For seven days you shall eat unleavened bread, but on the first day you shall remove the leaven from your homes … you shall guard the unleavened bread, because on this very day I will take you out of the land of Egypt; you shall observe this day for your generations as an eternal decree. – Exodus 12:14-17


Reflections on Pesach 2013

Passover, or Pesach,  begins on the 15th day of the month of Nissan (E’rev Pesach falls on  April 14th this year, lasting for 8 days in diaspora until sundown of April 22nd).Below is our heart warming home video put together by our son and our grand-daughters’  participation a couple of years ago!


Hope you enjoy this re-enactment and Hag Sameach!  Get the Matzah ready!

Check out the video our son, Sean created to tell about Passover!


Passover recounts our Hebrew people’s freedom and deliverance from Egypt after 400 years. When a new Pharaoh arose “that did not know Joseph”, our Hebrew people went into slavery.  Ha Shem raised Moshe as a deliverer, along with his brother Aaron to help in this mighty exodus from Egypt.  This brought not only plagues to the Egyptians, but a mighty parting of the Red Sea of deliverance!  Miracles and manna followed!


Probably the most significant observance related to Pesach involves the removal of chametz (leaven) from our homes before the Feast begins.   We are working at home on this commanded mitzvah.  This commemorates the fact that when the Jews left Egypt in a hurry, they did not have time to let their bread rise, hence the use of matzah!  We hope to make some homemade matzah before the holiday this year and some matzah ball soup for our seder!  Brisket anyone? Yum.


(See Sephardic Passover Customs )…good thing we like rice, corn products and potatoes…and lots of matzah to enjoy! No yeast products during this time!


This beautiful season of our deliverance is also a symbolic way remember to remove the “leaven of our hearts” (i.e. arrogance, pride).  May kindness and faith increase in our lives towards others.

As the B’nai Anousim continue to  awaken, many reach us with questions from all over the world.  Our people are crying out for deliverance from their lost identities.  Ha Shem continues to be our strength and help open doors for Aliyah.   As Spain continues to make efforts to invite the descendants of  Jews to return after 500 years, Israel also continues in its efforts to open these ancient doors to our lost Jewish families.



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Anusim Awake! Book!

We  invite you to purchase our book that shares my amazing story of found Jewish identity after visiting Israel in 1999.  For the first time in my life everything made sense from our family past! We were raised in a very “Jewish” way (no idols, no crosses, no images, the Lord our G-d is One…yet never knew the truth about our family’s real past.

 This journey is familiar to many Anusim/Anousim who are now discovering this family “secret” after many years of hidden  true Jewish identity.

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