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Sephardim Hope International is an educational, non-profit organization, to bring the message of the lost Sephardic Jews of the Iberian Peninsula to the world.

We are a tax-deductible 501 (c)3 charitable organization.

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Ladino – Hebrew/Spanish

  The Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492.  Some Sephardic Anusim ancestors found refuge in the Ottoman Empire, and settled on  the Island of Rhodes. 

Ottoman Jewish communities flourished in Rhodes , Salonika,  Izmir, Istanbul, Sarajevo and elsewhere for 500 years and there they preserved the language that they had taken with them from Spain; Fifteenth Century Spanish, the dialect of Columbus, Ferdinand, Isabella and Cervantes. 

To that reporter in Madrid it was as if a modern American were to meet someone who spoke the English  of Shakespearean times.

A major difference between Ladino and modern Spanish is in the word for God.  The Spanish say Dios, derived from the Latin, Deus.   But to the Spanish Jews this was unacceptable because Dios ends in the letter “s” and that implies that Dios is plural.  

The foundation of the Jewish faith is that God is singular.  This concept is  reinforced every time we recite the Shemah: “…the lord is One.”  We always referred to God as: El Dio, always including the article El.

    Another difference is our word for Sunday.  In modern Spanish it is Domingo.  But this comes from the Latin word for the “Lords Day.”   To the Jews Saturday is the Lords Day and we referred to Sunday as Alhát.  I found later that this was the Arabic word for “The First Day,” it is related to the Hebrew word Ehad (one).

Despertando a los Sefardies al Negev


Sephardim Hope International (La Esperanza Sefardita Internacional) es una organización caritativa internacional, sin lucro ni beneficio, formada con el propósito de que los judíos sefarditas de España hagan que el mundo entero despierten ante esta realidad. Sephardim Hope International es al mismo tiempo un apoyo a la nación de Israel.

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Many of us have been taught the Scriptures and Oral Law. Now we are learning our Torah, our Hebrew prayers and traditions lost. We, the B’Nei Anousim are re-discovering our identity as Jews. We are the awakening giant and are finally  “bridging” to our Jewish heritage. We are the products who have survived of over 500 years of Inquisition “tortures, cruelty, and forced conversions”.

Benai Anousim are the result of many centuries, now awakening to our true identity and heritage, according to the prophet Obadiah (v20). Sephardim Hope International functions as a “bridge”  to bring this message of hope and survival of our people. We know what it is to feel the “hatred, prejudice and cruelty” of those who will proclaim that  we are “not Jewish”.

Jewish is the blood covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This cannot be erased or altered because of people’s opinions. Jewish is in our blood because of inheritance and we ourselves cannot alter this, only awaken to its truth. The cruelty and unkindness shown to our awakening people by those who would “judge and measure our Jewishness” is the same spirit of those religious ones who killed the prophets when they did not like the message they brought from G-d.

It is the same “religious spirit of fear” of those who killed our ancestors because they were “different”. Anousim are being awakened by Hashem at his pleasure and timing. They are being restored to their Hebrew Roots. We are glad that Ha Shem is our Avinu Malkeinu,  our true Father and King. Baruch Hashem Adonai.

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