The Sefardic Way To Put On A Tallit

Click on Book to Order Now! Anousim Awake! is the personal account of the revealed family Jewish identity of Gracia Serrano Fenn, a hidden Jewess who found out a “family secret” in 1999 in Israel. It is the Serrano family story of being raised with “no...

A Story of Return

One's journey of discovery of identity has many colors and types, but the inward soul will always cry out for truth. Such is my story of Return to the ancestral past of my Jewish identity. It was not until 1999, upon my first visit to Israel that I encountered the...

ANOUSIM RISING: Hidden Jews Now Returning to Israel May Be a Game Changer for the State

With all of the chaos of the Middle East and the unknowns of the region creating a perpetual burden for Israel, the State continues to play a role in the miraculous ingathering of Jews still living in exile. One of the most phenomenal...

Israel Taking Major Steps to Reconnect Millions of Bnei Anousim to Jewish Nation

On October 13th, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the first ever official Knesset Caucus for Reconnection with the Descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Communities. Attended by 300 representatives from all over the world…

A Tribute To Gloria Mound

We would like to honor Gloria Mound (Blessed be her name) by posting this video about the Anousim…

Portugal poised to adopt Jewish return law

Portugal poised to adopt Jewish return lawJewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) — Portugal's law on naturalizing descendants of Sephardic Jews could become effective before March 15, a leader of the country's Jewish...

Welcome to Sephardim Hope International!



Sephardim Hope International was founded by Dona Gracia Serrano in June, 2003.


Sephardim Hope International is a benevolent international non-profit educational organization to bring the message of the hidden Sephardic Jews (known as B’nai Anusim) from Spain to the awareness of the world.  A message of hope to those who have felt lost and are discovering their true heritage for the first time.


SHI is also a support to  the nation of Israel working in partnership with other organizations bringing aid and comfort to the people of Eretz Israel.


Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Sephardim Hope International has established a relationship with our partners that will last a lifetime!

Welcoming Back The Anusim

the word “Hope” above a candle

Sephardic FAQs - Questions And Answers


History Of The Sephardic Anousim

Christopher Columbus

A Story Of Hope

Click here to find relatives that had become “lost” over the years and decades.

Please enjoy the music of our director, Doña Gracia Serrano (Hanna Bat Yosef) below.

Hatikvah - The Hope - National Anthem of The State of Israel

by Doña Gracia Serrano Fenn

Anousim Anthem - Isaiah 49

by Doña Gracia Serrano Fenn | Waiting For Return

Ballad of Doña Gracia

by Doña Gracia Serrano | Waiting For Return

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