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An awakening giant is rising, after 500 years of identity slumber!

Anousim Awake! is the personal account of the revealed family Jewish identity of Gracia Serrano Fenn, a hidden Jewess who found out a “family secret” in 1999 in Israel. It is the Serrano family story of being raised with “no family past”, with no known true identity.

These lost Sephardim (Spanish Crypto-Jews) were thought to have disappeared, after their forced expulsion in the 1492 Spanish Inquisition. The full effect in the Iberian Peninsula (later Portugal) sent them scattering to the New World and elsewhere.

The prophet Obadiah, (Ovadia) expressed this Torah vision of return to Israel by their descendants, many centuries ago (Obadiah 10,21). His words in the Tanach (Jewish scriptures) continue to shed light to the very outskirts of the Diaspora to this select group of Hispanic-Jewish connection, now arising to their true identity and return… “Somos Judios — We are Jews”.

“This is a beautiful journey of return to Jewish roots. Unlocking the secrets of the past profoundly impact the present in ways both painful and joyful. It leads into the future with new possibilities and connections. Gracia Serrano’s story is one of discovery and sheds light on history and faith. I know her story will have a profound impact on many people: fellow B’nai Anusim, the Jewish community, and those who enjoy stories of discovery and faith. As a rabbi in the Jewish community, I thank Gracia for her story and the strength it gives to the Jewish community.” —Rabbi Ezray, Beth Jacob, Redwood City, CA.


Posted January 24, 2013

 This is a very touching book about our people, a minority within

This is a very touching book about our people, a minority within a minority.  Even though I have never met this author in person, I felt as if she was telling my story.  I read it in one sitting.


Posted January 22, 2013

 This is the best book yet about the Anusim.

This is the best book yet about the Anusim. The author weaves her personal story together with the amazing history of these people who are beginning to find their roots. I highly recommend this book. Buy 2 copies, one for yourself and one for your friend who has a Spanish sounding name that ends with the suffix -"ez". There are more than a million Anussim in the USA alone. – Howard Flower  Aliyah Director ICEJ

“There are now more than 5,000 surnames that have been documented as Sephardic surnames.”

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