SHI Spain Trip




Research Trips in Spain by SHI

Grace & Drake Fenn travel to Spain periodically to do research on the Sephardim Anusim and the Inquisition.  Here they are at the Plaza Mayor, the scene of the beginnings of the Inquisation, where many paid with their lives for their Jewishness in the 1400 – 1500’s.


The main cathedral in Toledo was originally a synagogue.  Toledo was founded by Sephardic Jews and was the first capitol of Spain.

The bridge of San Martin inToledo. This was the bridge over which the Jews passed when they were expelled from Toledo, Spain.

The entrance to the Sephardic Museum in Toledo, Spain.  This was originally one of the main synagogues in Toledo.



Viewing the history of the Sephardim in Toledo.

The Mikvah under the Sephardic Museum in Toledo.

The Explusion edict from 1492 in the main Catholic Cathedral in Toledo.

The Cross of the Inquisition

The dark lines beside the arch are chains from which those found quilty of

practicing Judaism by the Inquisition were hung on this church.